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Beaded  Fishbowl Vase

DATE: January, Saturday 20th

TIME: 10:00am – done

(bring lunch if you need to eat


FEE: $ 20:00

Registration or withdrawal deadline


Max class size 12

This class is a lesson in weaving over a mold or object that is then left in the basket. We will start with a round wood base and weave over a glass fishbowl vase. The use of flat oval and round reed spokes and chase weavers creates the illusion of rippled sides. The round reed stakes are threaded with iridescent pony beads at the top and bottom. Three rod wale and a simple braided rim complete. Pattern available

A Tisket a Tasket

DATE: February 10th Saturday

TIME: 10:00am – done

(bring lunch if you need to eat)

WEAVING LEVEL: Advanced beginner and up

FEE: $20.00

Registration or withdrawal Deadline

March 26th

Starting with an oval slotted base this little charmer is simply woven with the use of 3/8 flat oval as the handle. This piece is inserted with the stakes and helps shape the sides of the basket. Dyed weavers accent the sides and the wrapped handle that is reinforced and spoked with double twisted paper that becomes the rim filler. The basket can be embellished with a reed bow with pip and floral accent that coordinates with the dyed reed. Color choices will be available. Pattern available


Lynne's Two Tier Basket

DATE: April 21st

TIME: 1O:00 am – done

(bring lunch if you need to eat)


FEE: $34.00

Free Pattern

Registration or withdrawal Deadline

August 12th

This convenient basket uses 2 slotted bases of different size, connected by a wood dowel.

Bases are 11” and 7” round and finished basket height is 10”. You will have the option to add some color to your baskets in class. Bases will be stained prior to class. This class is all basic weaving techniques using a slotted base

Evening Out Tote

DATE: July 21st Saturday

TIME: 10:00am

(bring lunch if you need to eat)


FEE: $37.00

Registration or withdrawal Deadline

July 12th

Free Pattern

This elegant tote starts , with a 2” x 9” slotted wood base. Finished size is 9” x 5”deep x 7” height. Attention to shaping is important to keep the sides coming up straight. Dyed reed will compliment the round sewn leather handles that are attached with bone dome assemblies.

Smiling Flowers child’s Tote

DATE: August 11th Saturday

TIME: 10:00am

(bring lunch if you need to eat)


FEE: $ 22.00

Free Pattern

Registration or withdrawal deadline

August 1st

This darling little tote is approximately 6-1/2” x 4-1/2” x 4” tall. Simply woven and embellished with bright smiling flower buttons. A nice 4” round top ash handle completes

October Saturday 20th

As in past years, this class is for those who may have missed a class they really wanted to take or who want to make another previously woven basket. Some of you may have kits you didn’t make or a basket you didn’t complete. This is the opportunity to finish up those projects. Numbers will be limited to 12 or less depending on what is chosen to weave. Fees will depend on what is woven. Class will start at 9:00am to accommodate all the different things that may be made.This is first come first served

Sharon Klusmann of Cornerstone Baskets

Learn More



2 days of weaving with SHARON KLUSMANN

May 18th and 19th, Friday & Saturday


Sharon is coming to Teach again this year. Classes will be on FRIDAY and SATURDAY.

Please see choices below. The format is a little different this year. 3 classes will be offered on each Day. You choose the class you want to take that day.  You can also order any kits or supplies from the classes offered and from Sharon's web site. She will bring those to class for you to pick up.

There is a 20.00 registration fee per day. 

This is first come first served minimum of 7 needed max class size is 12.


• Registration and deposit

• Class choices

• Kit or supply orders

• No later than APRIL 10th

I will provide lunch on both days, please let me know of any food intolerance.

Friday Class Choices Choose 1


 Gathering baskets which begins with oval slotted bases and square rim handles attached into the base which is included in kit. This is the medium size basket which uses a 10" x 10" handle. You will learn to triple twine, 4 rod wale in pairs, continuous twill, how to ascend rows to achieve the tulip shape at the top, along with a rolled rim and decorative flowers and swirls Lots to learn and lots of fun!

Kit - $51.00

Pattern only - $5.00

Handle & Base Combo only - $17.00


Begin with a wooden base and insert half natural and half dyed spokes. The center of this basket is start/stop weaving and near the top you will twine with color and learn descending rows to achieve this tulip like shape. Tuck your spokes and rim with dyed seagrass and wax linen for the perfect finish! Available colors: Hunter (shown on left), royal blue, navy, burgundy, black. Smoked spokes with orange seagrass. Height: 4” Dia. at Top: 8”


Choose the Teal Starfish design OR Burgundy Leaf design. Begin with a wooden base using round reed spokes that end in a simple braided rim. Learn this 4-strand braid woven with bleached Hamburg cane and embellish with burlap, leather cording and bow. You will receive this elegant fluted glass candle holder and real candle along with all embellishments shown. Specify design choice. Height: 9” Diameter 4”      



Nestle yarn balls or anything you would like to keep protected in this swing handle beauty. Begin with a round wooden base and weave with either Autumn Space Dyed or Pastel Space Dyed reed. Specify color choice when ordering.Techniques are 4-rod wale, 2-2 twill, arrow randing or straight randing (shown on autumn) and the handle embellishment. Lids with either random space dyed knob or hand painted lid can be sold featuring either color choice. Liners with 3 pockets are available in a variety of colors and prints.

Kit - $48.00 (inc. base, handle, weaving material & pattern, Pattern only - $5.00 Base only - $5.75 Stained Lid with knot - $18 Whitewashed Lid w/Crystal Knob $18 Painted Lid - $38.00 Fabric Liners with 3 pockets - $17.00

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Learn to create an elegant cat head woven base and overlay center with color. The majority of this basket is start/stop weaving with 4-Rod Wale in pairs and descending rows. Braid strips of leather for your rim filler and embellish with matching pre-made leather flower. Variety of colors are available. Height: 11” Diameter at Top: 10”


This little Winter Treasure looks great filled with pine cones for winter, then add candy canes for the holiday season or great for a candy dish also. It is 4-1/2" high and is woven with a 3-1-1-2 twill using a space dyed reed designed with three shades of green. It begins with a 2" x 3-1/2" slotted base. Besides the twill, you will learn to 4-rod wale in pairs and 4-rod wale beginning with all smoked reed and changing to all natural. The great part of this basket is that because of the curve at the top, there is no need for a rim. Once you have tucked your spokes, your done! It is embellished with three sprigs of evergreens, cinnamon sticks, wire curls and 2 pine cones, all inc.

Kit - $28.00

Pattern only - $4.00

Base only - $3.00