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Bittersweet Basketry Schedule and News 2018

As always I have tried to choose dates that I will not have to change however they are subject to change

Classes will be held on SATURDAYS and a few SUNDAYS.Classes are held in my basement studio at 251 Main St, Dansville, NY aIf you want a written pattern please inform me when you register, Some of these are my designs, some have a written pattern, some do not. There may NOT be a pattern for some of these. Pattern adds $4.00 to cost of class..

Please be mindful of the deadline dates and color choice if indicated


NOTE: I cannot have parking in my driveway, My husband is a physician, on call many weekends and needs to have the driveway access. You can park next door in the Gynecology office parking lot, or in front on the road. Thank you for understanding. During WET, ICEY/SNOWY and LEAF COVERED weather, I prefer that you enter my home for class using the SIDE PORCH on the driveway side of the house. While the grade level deck on the north side of the house is direct access to the basement, that decking can and does get VERY SLICK when wet, iced or covered with leaves. Enter there at your own risk.

I require a deposit to guarantee a spot in class. I will refund a deposit if notifiedbefore the cut off date that you can not attend. After that date the deposit will be forfeit.

If you have to withdraw from a class with a deposit because I change the date or cancel the class. I will refund the deposit or apply it to another class, kit or basket purchase, your choice.

To register for a class,

Best way to let me know about classes is to e-mail [email protected]. Text a message to 585-233-3711. Or call and leave voice message. or call 335-6503 and leave a message.

Be Aware that we are of family of Cat lovers. Jake, our curious male will undoubtedly make an appearance in the classroom to say hello. If you have allergy issues, please take whatever measures you need to minimize discomfort

[email protected]

and request a 2018 class schedule, available by 1/1/2018